Company Info

Since it’s inception in 1994, RIPCPC has continued to grow and develop it’s infrastructure, while delivering the best contracts available to primary care physician’s in Rhode Island. The IPA’s Executive Director reports to a Board of Directors consisting of ten member physicians and the IPA president. This Board makes all decisions on IPA contracting, new initiatives, and the strategic direction of the organization. The IPA has four Medical Directors who meet monthly to coordinate clinical quality initiatives and future CME topics. Each month, the IPA hosts four separate POD (Pool Of Doctors) meetings throughout the state. Each meeting is coordinated by one of our four Medical Directors, and a CME lecture is presented. A portion of the meeting is also dedicated to reviewing contract performance and IPA quality initiatives.

Board Of Directors

Al Puerini, M.D.,Chairman

Herbert Brennan, D.O., Richard DelSesto, M.D., Stuart Demirs, M.D., Marta Sowa, M.D., Jane Dennison, M.D., Peter Yasigian, M.D., Gregory Steinmetz, M.D., Jeffrey Wilson, M.D., Kristine Cunniff, D.O.

Chief Operating Officer

Noah Benedict

POD Medical Directors

Al Puerini, M.D., David Leibowitz, D.O., Martin Kerzer, M.D., Herbert Brennan, D.O., Peter Pogacar, M.D., Shirley Carter, R.N., B.S.N.

Patient Centered Medical Home Committee

Greogory Steinmetz, M.D., Chairman

Richard Ohnmacht, M.D., Joseph Grande, D.O., Usha Stokoe, M.D., Sadia Iftikhar, M.D., Herman Ayvazyan, M.D.,  Shirley Carter, R.N.,B.S.N., Susan Small, R.N., Mr. Noah Benedict

Credentialing Committee

Richard Greco, MD, Chairman

Michael Souza, D.O.

Enhanced Outcomes and Performance Committee

Marcolino Ferretti, M.D., Co-Chairman, Jeffrey Wilson, M.D., Co-Chairman

Alexander Lee, M.D., Richard Delsesto, M.D., Syed Hussain, M.D., Munawar Azam, M.D., Irfran Ahmad, M.D.,  Shirley Carter, R.N.,B.S.N., Rob Mencunas.

Healthcare Information Committee

Lucille Vega, M.D, Chairman

Stephen Fanning, D.O.,  Dinusha Dietrich, M.D.

Behavioral Health Committee

Chad Nevola, M.D. Chairman

Albert Puerini, M.D., Peter Oppenheimer, James Curran, Peter Erickson, Leslie Feil, Rena Sheehan, Joseph Trunzo, Maureen Donnelly, Nick Johnson, Mark Schneider, Tami Ringeling, Darlene Dorocz, RN.

Pharmacy Committee

Mark Rosenberg, M.D., Chairman

Brian Kwetkowski, M.D., Charles Cronin, D.O., Chad Nevola, M.D., Michael Hayden D.O., Altaf Girach, M.D., John Concannon, D.O., Tara Higgins, RPh, Georgette Uttley, RN