How can the Social Work department help?

Rhode Island Primary Care Physician’s Corporation physicians know that your health includes the whole person, mind and body. The social work team is an extension of your primary care provider, here to support your social and emotional needs. We will work with you on your identified goals in order to best manage your physical and emotional wellness. Team members and services include:

Social Work Liaisons:

Assistance with navigating community resources including

  • financial resources (including SNAP, fuel assistance)
  • state and federal aid applications (such as Medicaid and Medicare, respectively)
  • child & family resources
  • School services support and advocacy
    • IEP, 504 plans
  • Care services including in-home help and facilities such as assisted living or nursing homes

Social Work Clinicians:

  • Clinicians provide support around emotional functioning. We may assist with issues related to anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, life stressors, etc.
  • Interventions the clinician may use include
    • Psychoeducation
    • Coping strategies
    • Safety planning
    • Family support
    • Developing readiness to engage in mental health services

Social Work Referral Coordinator:

  • Assists patients with accessing community mental health providers
    • Including therapy, medication management, substance use, family or couple’s treatment, etc.
  • When your provider puts in a referral for mental health treatment, you may receive a call from our referral coordinator to help you find and schedule with a provider that is a good match

To contact a member of our social work team, please call our behavioral health line at 401-214-5517.

If you are a mental health provider in the community and wish to develop a referral partnership, please complete the Behavioral Health Compact Form and email your completed form to

Meet the RIPCPC Social Work Team


Kristy Moles,

Social Work Clinician 


Andrew Lewandowski,

Social Work Clinician


Melissa Cocroft

Social Work Liason


Joan Fino

Social Work Liason


Brianna Pari

Social Work Liason


Larry Lucena

Social Work Liason



Nicole Nadich

Social Work Liason


Katrina Dixon

Social Work Referral Coordinator



Julia Misto

Social Work Referral Coordinator