Nurse Care Mangers

The Nurse Care Manager (NCM) helps you manage your health and wellness through lifestyle changes. If you are struggling with a chronic issue or disease, you may be referred to the NCM for additional support and treatment. The nurse care manager coordinates care, coaches, educates, and advocates for you. The NCM at RIPCPC practices are available at no cost to you.

The NCM advocates for the patient by providing education and additional services.  Some of these services are:

As a group the NCMs have over 400 years of nursing experience.

  Andrea Lamont, BSN, RN   Lucille Plasse, RN, CDOE, LMT
  Bobette Chase, M.Ed., RN, CDE, CDOE, CVDOE   Mariana Peterson, BSN, RN, CDOE
  Christine Kennedy RN, CDOE   Melanie Godzyk, BSN, RN
  Danielle Phenix, BSN, RN   Monique Fleurant, RN, CDOE, CVDOE
  Donna Jacques, RN CDOE   Sara Marino, RN, CDOE
  Janis Miney, RN, CDOE   Sharon Campbell, RN, CDOE
  Kristen Rochon