What is a nurse care manager?

The Nurse Care Manager (NCM) works to ensure improvement in health outcomes for patients. If you are struggling with a chronic condition or disease, you may be referred to the NCM for additional support and treatment. A nurse care manager is a coordinating clinician, coach, therapist, educator, consumer, and advocate.

The NCM can provide patient education and additional services to help you. Some of these services are:

  • Handouts on lifestyle change for health benefits
  • Educational materials
  • Information on medical conditions
  • Medication education
  • Provide information on prevention and self-management
  • Screening patients for functional limitations, fall risk and other health risks
  • Support for family caregivers in managing care at home
  • Provide information on community resources and coordinate care as appropriate
  • We provide services based on the needs of the patients and their families
  • Offer information on travel clinics for appropriate immunizations
  • Inform patients of local food pantries and charitable resources
  • Direct patients to safe havens when in abusive environments
  • Provide resources for patients with addictions
  • Identify/utilize cultural/community resources
  • Provide classes for adults and children on weight loss, diabetes and smoking cessation
  • Provide glucometers, B/P and glucose logs and pedometers
  • Provide information on stress management and coping

The best part of the NCM at RIPCPC practices is that they are available at no additional cost to the patient.


Meet the RIPCPC Nurse Care Managers