"What do I do when I get sick?"

Did you know PCMH offices have same day sick appointments? Call your primary care providers office and they will assess your concern. If you call after hours, the answering service will locate your doctor.

"How long should I wait for a call back if it is after hours?"

One hour for a routine call. But for emergency situations such as chest pain, brisk bleeding, shortness of breath, severe pain, or an allergic reaction, just call 911 so as not to lose valuable time. After speaking with you or a family member, your doctor will assess whether to see you in the office, send you to the hospital or have you access an urgent care or walk-in center.

If your physician suggests you go to an urgent care or walk-in center then they will be able to communicate with the treating doctor before and/or after your visit to ensure continuity of care. If deciding to seek access at an urgent care or walk-in center, please review the list of after hours care facilities. These treatment centers have been determined by RIPCPC doctors to be high quality medical facilities. RIPCPC providers have partnered with them and they are available to serve as partners in your care.

"What do I do if I go to one of these Urgent Care/Walk-In centers?"

Tell the receptionist and physician that you your primary care doctor is part of RIPCPC. Tell them that you expect the center to send your doctor a faxed report on your tests, diagnosis and treatment so they can follow up appropriately.