Why be part of a RIPCPC practice?

Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation (RIPCPC) is made up of 150 independent primary care providers and over 200 specialty providers. All RIPCPC practices provide the highest quality of care in Rhode Island. Our practices are all independent community providers that work collaboratively to improve quality of care through enhanced care coordination systems, and do it better than any other organization in Rhode Island. We have developed a network of providers that cover specialties such as behavioral health, optometry, cardiology and gastroenterology, to ensure that you receive the right treatment with the right provider. Being part of RIPCPC's network, the patient receives the added benefits of the Patient Centered Medical Home care model.

What is a PCMH? 

A Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a team-based health care approach led by a physician or group of physicians. Each patient has their own physician who then leads a care team of who collectively assist the physician in providing comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with a goal of obtaining improved health outcomes. The 'center' of the medical home is the patient. 'Patient-centered' means considering patients’ cultural traditions, personal preferences, values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyles. The Patient-Centered Medical Home model is driving some of the most important reforms in health care delivery today. 

Being part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home, means you're receiving the highest quality of care, and also have additional resources at your disposal to aid with your health care. As part of your health care team, RIPCPC offices have in house support such as a nurse care manager, pharmacist or social worker. You have access to these services at no cost through your primary care office. 


Intro to the Patient Centered Medical Home